Cell Vehicle Clean Equipment – Stress Washing Hoses Reviewed

It barely issues what job you are in, you want the equipment of the trade, and you need to make sure you get the correct tools to guarantee performance, and protection as you work. For a long time, ahead of retirement, I was involved in the functions of mobile vehicle wash rigs which would go out and cleansing fleets of vehicles, and automobiles at auto auctions, mega-vehicle dealerships, and acres and acres of vehicles parked at the ports right after they experienced been unloaded off the ships.

Not extended ago, I was talking with another mobile car wash operator, who desired to split into the enterprise of cleaning new vehicles and very big automobile dealerships. His greatest concern was 1 of what sort of equipment was essential.

What kind of pressure washer, or very hot-water stress washer, reclaim programs, storage tanks, and even the hoses that he need to be using. Truck Washing In truth, the hoses which are used in your stress washer business are quite critical, not only for effectiveness, and ease-of-use, but also for security factors. Below is the question he asked, and 1 I’m positive will be intrigued in listening to the response to if you also possess a mobile vehicle washing enterprise

“What measurement hose diameter must I use for my stress washing rig when I go out and thoroughly clean automobile lots at vehicle dealerships in my cellular car washing support?”

Now then, I use a three/8 hose, it really is lighter and easier to maneuver. Also keep in mind, due to the fact these hoses crack a good deal, since you are bending them all the time, I suggest that you can pin-prick them, this enables any heat and strain to take up better into the rubber, I suggest Goodyear Hose, not cheapo Chinese Brand names.

Also you should use a blue hose that will not likely depart marks on the ground, or on your arms, or on products, or autos if you accidentally brush up together with one particular. I advocate double steel braided, and fifty-basic safety issue in working stress and double the burst strain that you may think you need. So if you will be operating with 3000 PSI, get a 4000 or 4500 working force and a six,000 PSI burst stress rated hose.

If you are doing work with 1500-2500 then get a 3500-4000 working pressure and a 4500 to 5,000 burst rated hose. Also never go also overboard, due to the fact you will dress in out these hose dragging them on the ground a whole lot more than time, and then the steel inside of will cut up your hands, that variety of sucks, but you get used to it. I’d dress in bicycle gloves with open up fingers when operating with the hose and guns. Please contemplate all this.g


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